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The Soul-Winner

The Soul-Winner
How to lead sinners to the Savior.

“If you are eager for real joy, such as you may think over and sleep upon, I am persuaded that no joy of growing wealthy, no joy of increasing knowledge, no joy of influence over your fellow-creatures, no joy of any sort, can ever be compared with the rapture of saving a soul from death, and helping to restore our lost brethren to our great Father’s house.”

–C.H. Spurgeon

I just finished reading a short, very old book called “The Soul-Winner.” It is a compilation of talks that preacher Charles Haddon Spurgeon gave during the late 1800s to preachers-to-be, Sunday school teachers, street preachers, and church congregants at prayer meetings. I recommend this text to all the faithful that long to participate in the great privilege of bringing the lost sheep of God into the fold of Christ.

First, Spurgeon rightly attributes the saving-work wholly to the power of Our Almighty God, and then proceeds to address the common characteristics of the preacher, the sermons, the prayers, and the lifestyle of those whom God uses to accomplish His redeeming.

Spurgeon speaks on many aspects of the “soul-winning” process including:

What it is to Win a Soul,
Qualifications of a Soul-Winner
Sermons likely to Win Souls,
Obstacles to Soul-Winning,
How to Induce our People to Win Souls, and,
The Cost and Reward of being a Soul-Winner.

What I found most encouraging from this book was Spurgeon’s analysis of the Sermons likely to Win Souls. Spurgeon said, “In order that you may impress the Word upon those to whom you preach, remember, that it must be impressed upon yourself first.You must feel it yourself, and speak as a man who feels it; not as if you feel it, but because you feel it, otherwise you will not make it felt by others.”

Though I am not a preacher in the church and do not write sermons, this teaching has very much influenced my daily evangelism. Before I speak up to share the gospel with an unbeliever, I first need to let it sink into my own heart. I need to recall my own separation from God, my own sin, and my own experience salvation through Christ. With that welling up faith in me, my message is much more believable, because I really believe it happened to me!

A second profound, yet simple teaching Spurgeon gives is that we must believe in the power of our message to actually save people. Do you believe that the gospel really can save? Spurgeon is humorous in some of his illustrations, remarking on those who lack faith in the saving-power of the gospel, saying, “They tremblingly believe that it is possible, by some strange mysterious method, that once in a hundred sermons God might win a quarter of a soul. They have hardly enough faith to keep them standing upright in their boots; how can they expect God to bless them?” I laughed at this description, and then paused to reflect on how often I have lacked confidence in this way. May God restore my faith in Him and His Gospel that He may use me mightily to lead others to salvation.

These two principles are among an array of jewels found in, “The Soul-Winner.” Find a copy, or borrow mine! I have been greatly motivated by it to passionately and confidently win souls for Christ, and I heartily desire for more to join in the privilege.

By Samantha Pane

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